KONTACTUS is a Customer Relationship Management Web-based application for Project Management Teams. It provides essential tools for decision making, and lets you manage vendor information, status and documentation with the help of user friendly forms, tools, guides and templates, to easily collaborate with team members and find information easily and quickly, while in your office or away from office.

KONTACTUS allows you to select members of the project teams. Grant varying access levels. Define your own environment for roles, activities, specialties, capacities, and events.

Project Execution requires seamless communication. KONTACTUS provides ability to have a database of vendors at your fingertips - such as Names of partners, vendors, consultants, contractors, entities, investors, or developers your company deals with, including important contact names, and information about subsidiaries, their skill levels and specialties.

Tools are also available to make comments and set reminders for yourself and your team members.

A discussion tool allows to enlist issues or seek comments from the team. Topics can be created, and discussions details can be emailed directly from the discussion board to users.

KONTACTUS also provides a system to save unit rates acquired from different vendors and lets you make a trend analysis over a period of time. The Items can be saved in relation to the CSI masterFormat and also using your own definition of items and sub-items.

Users can also conduct performance evaluations on weekly, monthly or random basis, to help in decision making for future endeavors and partnerships.

The depth of relationship with a vendor can be established by setting up different stages of involvement with a vendor, such a registrations, pre-qualifications, awards etc.

Registered Users of KONTACTUS "inREAL" can choose to post their profiles to an exclusive public space and chose to allow other registered users to see their selective information. This allows exclusive but limitless networking possibilities.

Users are encouraged to save their project information in a hierarchical manner, so that analysis at different levels could be performed to help in decision making.

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